Friday, December 2, 2016

A Look At EXPO's

As we begin looking at our own EXPO, here are a few examples:

The following examples I found on the Web:

Here are some photos from CAES from their EXPO: 
(They started in their Cafeteria and presented the process - then the visitors went out to see the individual students as they explained their projects)

HES EXPO was an Entire School EXPO led by there Resource Teachers:  This is what students did while they were in their additional 90 minute resource time each week.

Each class where in charge of something different that resolved around their central theme.

 They made ornaments to sell and wreaths to sell and proceeds went to Mission of Hope. 
 The students made all the decorations for the play and they ran their own concessions stand

One class even created cookbooks.  These snowflakes showed the example of working through first through4 draft -then they took a field trip to SHS makerspace and made the snowflakes out of cardboard.
In addition they had a musical performance and play which students wrote and produced :)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nov. 14, 2016

This is a little catch-up from the past few weeks:

As a part of the New Reading Program all students read for at least 30 minutes during the school day and 30 minutes each night - they get a STEP for each 15 minute block...because some students are behind on STEPS many extra people in school from (custodial, cafeteria, office, etc) have kids to read with to help them catch up on these home STEPS that they may be missing.  Here are my two friends that I help with STEP catch up each morning from 8:35-9:05.  

 Be on the lookout for books with stickers like at the bottom of these books and if you find any please return them to Mrs. Cooprider or Mrs. Branch.  We are having an ARC Amnesty Day right after Thanksgiving- if you have a minute to ask all children to be on the lookout for these books at home, in their car or on their bus.  :)

I wanted to share this idea from Mrs. Cotten's Kindergarten... as her children rotate to stations on IPADS she has headphones and a page to show them where to go on STARFALL.

Here she circles where she wants them to go that day:)

This is her ST Math Station!

She has picture passwords for her kids that can't remember their password.
 Here are some photos from the LEGO Robotics competition!!!
The kids had a great time and did their best!!  This is the ROBOS team during the different parts of the competition.

This is the actual robotic part of the competition.

Here they had to talk about their robot construction!

This was the team doing the Research Part of the Competition!

At the end of the competition there was a little time for fun!!

 2nd Grade's Reading ARC unit is Weather.  As a part of the unit the students have looked at the Water Cycle.  Here is a picture of a water cycle model in Mrs. Carter's class.

 Here is a sample of Carrollton's first 3rd Grade EXPO.  Thought you all might like to see, since our EXPO is coming in January. 


Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekly Update 10/31

ARC Research Lab 
 The past two weeks in K-2 they have started their first research lab.  In this lab they are researching a topic and doing lots of reading research and writing on that topic.  I was lucky enough to catch Mrs. Baughman's class doing their first research question. WOW!

Turn-Around Tuesday
We rotated books throughout grades k-2!  Took a bit longer than we thought but we did finish by the end of day :)
Courtyard Project with Mrs. Dortch's 4th Grade
I am working with Mrs. Dortch and her class, we are collaborating with a 5C's project.  
Monday we started with a little field experience in the courtyard! 

Then on Wednesday we took some time to complete Mind Maps and share them!

 On Friday we ended with a little chalk talk and organized our thoughts.  We then took time to reflect on our experiences of the week.  And students prioritized their committee that they would like to work on.